Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest recognized methods of healing and preventative care. It is a safe and effective treatment for reducing stress, decreasing muscle pain, rehabilitating and augmenting physical function, and gaining an overall sense of well-being. The purpose of massage therapy is to prevent, develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function or relieve pain; as such, massage therapists will use a variety of techniques to help facilitate this purpose, and might also prescribe self-care to the client so the process of healing can continue at home.

Sophia Bolos, RMT Kristin Scales, RMT Jocelyn Bognot, RMT

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, manual approach that provides the diagnosis, treatment and preventative care for issues and disorders related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system and joints, as well as soft tissue. Adjustments help relieve pain and restore normal functioning to the joints and supporting muscles and ligaments, with the goal of helping you feel physically able. Jeff uses a combination of treatments including adjustment, Active Release Therapy, orthotics and acupuncture based on individual need.

Dr. Jeff Goodyear, DC


TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE ACUPUNCTURE  |  During your initial acupuncture treatment, Sophia will examine your chief complaint along with any other symptoms you may be experiencing. Following the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of assessment, she will have a verbal discussion of your condition as we as conduct a Tongue and Pulse analysis. Based on this assessment, a treatment protocol will be developed tailored to your own unique constitution. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to provide updates and reassess goals to further refine your treatment protocol.

WITH CHIRO   |   Dr. Jeff Goodyear specializes in contemporary medical acupuncture in order to target and stimulate muscle groups to increase mobility. Billing: Jeff administers acupuncture under his chiropractic license, meaning for insurance purposes acupuncture treatments provided by him are billed and covered under your chiropractic plan.


Osteopathy is a holistic manual therapy that uses diagnostic palpation and gentle manipulation to address somatic dysfunction. Treatment is not only limited to the spine, joints and muscles; but also involves treatment directed at the cranium intended to have an effect on the central nervous system. Osteopathic treatment also encompasses the circulatory, lymphatic and digestive systems. During a treatment, Ceb'sile will use gentle manipulation of soft tissue, joints, the visceral organs as well as craniosacral techniques.

The objective of osteopathic treatment is to restore balance where restriction or abnormal tension in the body may impede proper functioning. Treatment is based on the practitioner's understanding that the body's systems are inter-related, therefore a restriction in one area of the body may manifest as dysfunction in another area. Ceb'sile's role is to seek out and release restrictions in order to restore free movement of the tissues. By doing so, aiding in the body’s existing ability to heal itself.

Ceb'sile Ndlangamandla, DOMP

Other Services

ORTHOTICS  |  Orthotic fittings are offered free of charge from Dr. Jeff Goodyear. Check with your insurance provider to confirm if you need a note from your family doctor prior to ordering your orthotics.

HOT STONE MASSAGE  |  Dark basalt stones are used for hot stone therapy as they retain heat for a long period of time, making them ideal for massage. Hot stones promote circulation, relax muscles/stubborn knots, and stimulate the “rest and digest” nervous system. The stones are used both as massage tools and as placement stones to supplement the massage. Combining traditional Swedish massage with various hot stone techniques, Sophia Bolos RMT has developed unique treatments to suit the needs of each individual.

REFLEXOLOGY  |  A reflexology treatment with Jocelyn Bognot, RMT can be booked for 45-60min. This massage treatment will focus on your lower legs and feet, and with the use of relaxing techniques can help increase circulation of blood and lymph, calm the nervous system, relieve stress and anxiety, and even promote better sleep.